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Now that you written enough drafts to be satisfied with the content and ideas of your story, you are ready to check spelling. You might also like to make sure you have any historical information correct, check other facts, or consult a thesaurus to add interesting and precise language to your writing. You can find everything you need online in places like these links.

The Reference Desk
If you need some facts to make your story more realistic, try this! Includes links to dictionaries, encylopedias, maps, science facts, foreign languages, and more.

English and foreign language dictionaries, thesauri, historical references and more.

Roget's Thesaurus
Find some more colorful words to add interest to your story.

National Children's Coalition
Lots of useful sites here. Scroll down to the reference section to find everything you need to edit your project.

Encyclopedia Britanica Online
You can have a free trial look at the encyclopedia or subscribe.

The Internet Public Library General References
A library of reference material at your online fingertips!

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