Publishing Your Work

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Stories, Articles, and Poems

One of the greatest things about the Internet for young authors is that you can really publish and share your finished stories with an audience from around the world. Here you will find links to online magazines that accept stories, poems, or articles by young writers. In most cases, your writing will be sent as an e-mail attachment.

Urchin's Web Page
If you follow the online manuscript guidelines, you can submit stories or poems to this page by and for kids.

Poetry submission Center
This site is part of the Internet Classroom Young Authors Magazine. Type your 8 to 12 line poem directly into this site.

Short Story and Essay Submission Center
This site is another part of the Internet Classroom Young Authors Magazine named above.

TOWS (The Online Write Stuff)
A literary magazine to publish the writings of Grade 4 to 6 students.

A great place to publish your stories online AND link up with keypals.

Children's Writings
Links to many online magazines and journals that publish stories and articles by children.

Submit news, features, reviews, creative writing or sports articles to this online newspaper for kids. This site also has a place for kids to meet and talk.

This site encourages kids creativity in music, art, and writing. You can hook up with keypals and also publish your writing here.
MidLink Magazine
An online magazine by and for middle school students age 10 to 15. This magazine is published four times a year, has interactive sites, and accepts submissions from young writers.

Arbor Heights Cool Writer's Magazine
This Seattle, Washington-based online magazine features writing by students and will also link you up with pen friends.

Middlezine Magazine
This slick online magazine features writing by middle school students in many genres including fiction, horror, fantasy, historical fiction, sports, movie reviews and profiles.

ACEKIDS Short Story Page
Submit your story by e-mail, and read other stories by kids.

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Other types of Writing

CRAYON (CReate Your Own Newspaper)
This site lets you make your own newspaper and return here to read it online.

Writing Contests

Hazel Hutchins Writing Contest
Children's author Hazel Hutchins hosts this monthly short story writing contest.

Inkspot's Writing Contests page
Lists several ongoing writing contests for short stories and poetry.

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