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This is not the part where you run the spellchecker! In fact, revising a story has nothing to do with correcting spelling mistakes. The word "revise" really means to take another look at something. If you are not satisfied with your story, this is the step where you add details, dialogue or action to make the story more interesting. Sometimes it means cutting out parts of the story that don't work. You will make a second or third draft of the story--sometimes more! Most writers say they spend more time revising than writing the first draft.

One of the best ways to take another look at your story is to get someone else's opinion. On the Internet, you can find keypals or other ways to meet kids who can read your stories and tell you what they think.

This club is a place on the net to meet other 8 to 15 year olds. Find key pals, or meet and talk in chat rooms. Discuss popular topics or your stories. You must register online to participiate.

If you register in this communications playground for kids ages 4 to 15, you can find keypals, submit ideas for a weekly interactive story and vote for the story ideas you like best.
This site could help with many steps of the young authors workshop. A visit to the discussion rooms or a look at some of the stories and fables from around the world might help you take another look at your story. (This sounds like the site listed above, but it's not!)

The Young Writers Club
This club encourages young writers to share their work and improve their writing skills. The club also has places to publish your work, including the Global Wave magazine and interactive stories.

The Quill Society
This Writer's Forum is for young authors ages 12 to 24 who write poetry, literature and screenplays. Discuss your writing with peers, post your stories to the bulletin board for exposure and suggestions, receive constructive criticisim from the Board of Critics, and participate in weekly IRC chats.
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