To be the Quality Management Consultants of choice in Western Canada.


To exceed our clients' expectations in:
The development, implementation and audit of quality or environmental management systems.
The design and implementation of appropriate TQM processes.


1. Our success is dependent upon the satisfaction of our clients.
2. Equality and capable partners contribute to outstanding results.
3. Outstanding business ethics and professionalism can be achieved.
4. Quality work creates a sense of pride.
5. Ongoing communications are essential for harmonious relationships.
6. Partners and clients are trustworthy, caring and eager to contribute.
7. Change through continuous improvement is necessary for success.
8. Application of emerging technologies provides a competitive edge.


1. We will continuously search for ways to improve our business.
2. We will continually strive to seek out and respond to client needs.
3. We will support each other in acquiring relevant knowledge.
4. We will support each other in continuously improving our capabilities.
5. We will operate our business with professional ethics and honesty.
6. We will treat people pleasantly and with dignity and respect.
7. We will operate with a constancy of purpose.
8. We will provide timely communications on all business matters.

The Tetris Management Group supports the Institute of Certified Management Consultants Code of Professional Conduct.