• Tetris meets with the client to clearly establish the purpose, expected results and required approach for any consulting intervention. It is important for Tetris to gain an understanding of the client’s business, organization, background and culture.


  • The key focus for Tetris is the development and implementation of management systems based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or other standards. We take a holistic approach to the development of management systems by addressing any opportunity for the improvement of organizational performance. This involves addressing the internal customer and internal supplier transactions as well as the traditional external customer requirements.

  • We use Total Quality Management principles and tools in our day to day operations and train our clients in certain applicable TQM approaches when developing and implementing their management system.

  • For a registerable management system, we typically provide a number of full day workshops dealing with the vision, quality, change, management systems, ISO and TQM. The individuals who are to be involved in procedure writing are provided with workshops on management system documentation, flowcharting and procedure writing.

  • Tetris offers coaching, internal audit and problem solving workshops to assist in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of our client’s management system.

  • Within the scope of their projects, clients are provided with training in the aspects of ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 using the Tetris Key Points.

  • It is of paramount importance to Tetris to assist the client’s organization develop the knowledge and skills to fully understand, implement, maintain and enhance their management system. To achieve these goals, we encourage a high involvement strategy for all key phases of the project.

  • Tetris adjusts the methods used to meet the client’s needs.